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UPDATED 13 JUNE: The rules on travel to Norway right now are confusing and changing regularly. Here's the latest situation.

Well, who'd have thought we'd still be here more than one year after the first infection was detected in Norway? The pandemic has killed 789 people in Norway so far, but far more elsewhere. For that reason, most of Norway's travel restrictions remain in place.

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Before we start…

I get questions literally every day from people wondering when they will be able to travel to Norway. Despite sharing the latest information on Life in Norway's coronavirus status page, I have no ‘insider' information. All I can do is share the current rules and restrictions.

With that in mind, I have produced this article to gather together the latest information on the entry restrictions in one place.

Bear in mind that there may be a delay between new announcements and this page being updated. Please also understand that I can't cover every personal situation and exception. This page is no substitute for double-checking the official guidelines. I'll be sharing the relevant links throughout the article.

With that in mind, read on…

Tourist hiker in Norway's Lofoten islands
Most tourists must wait a little longer for views like this in Norway's Lofoten Islands

Norway's travel restrictions in brief

  • International tourism into Norway from outside the EU/EEA remains not possible, regardless of vaccination status.
  • Travellers from parts of Europe with a low infection rate are allowed to enter Norway.
  • Norwegian citizens and foreign citizens who live in Norway can enter the country.
  • Most people who enter Norway from areas with high infection (such as returning citizens) must get tested upon arrival and serve a 10-day quarantine period. In some cases, this must be done in a quarantine hotel.
  • Norway's ‘vaccine passport‘ can be used by residents of Norway to bypass quarantine if they are fully-vaccinated or recovered from a recent infection.

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The full Norway entry restrictions are quite detailed, so please be patient as we dive into the full list of ifs and buts! Firstly, it's important to understand that even if you are permitted to enter Norway, you may be required to serve a 10-day quarantine period, possibly in a designated quarantine hotel.

Norway's colour-coded system

As with many countries, Norway has adopted a traffic-light system for grading a European country's coronavirus risk. Many of the restrictions discussed here apply to red countries, but not yellow countries, for example.

Residents from countries graded ‘red' are considered to have a ‘quarantine obligation' and must have an exception to be allowed entry to Norway. The colour will also specify if you must present a negative test to gain entry and/or take a test upon arrival.

Source: Norwegian Institute of Public Health

To see what colour grading your country has, check the website of the Norwegian Institute of Public Health. Their colour map is updated regularly. I have included the latest version above for your convenience.

Rules for Norwegian citizens and residents of Norway

Generally speaking, all Norwegian citizens and foreign-born residents of Norway are allowed to enter the country. That has been the case throughout the pandemic so far.

However, you may be required to undergo a period of quarantine, either at home or in a designated hotel. Only people entering Norway from ‘yellow' countries in the EU/EEA/Schengen (including the UK) are not required to quarantine upon arrival.

People arriving from ‘red' European countries must serve a quarantine at home, or in a quarantine hotel if the infection level in that country was high. As a general rule, everyone who enters Norway from anywhere else must stay in a quarantine hotel upon arrival.

These rules were updated on 27 May. Previously, there was a distinction between ‘urgent' and ‘non-urgent' travel to decide if a quarantine hotel was necessary. Now it is the infection level in the country you are travelling from that is the decisive factor.

Vaccine passport for Norwegian residents

From Friday 11 June, everyone who is fully vaccinated or has had the disease in the last six months will not need to undergo entry quarantine when arriving in Norway. You must also test negative upon entry or within two days of arrival for this to apply.

Norway's coronavirus certificate (vaccine passport) has now been launched. Available at helsenorge.no, it documents vaccination status, test results and/or proof of previous infection. The certificate enables residents of Norway to skip quarantine when returning to the country.

At present, the certificate is for domestic use. According to Helse Norge, “an EU-adapted display that will make it possible to cross borders across the EU and EEA area is planned to be ready by the beginning of July.”

This does not mean that everyone who is fully vaccinated can enter Norway! It means that if you are otherwise eligible to enter Norway, you can skip the quarantine if you are fully vaccinated.

Rules for residents of European countries

All the rules for European countries apply to residents of EU/EEA/Schengen countries, and the United Kingdom. Since mid-May, travellers from parts of Europe graded ‘yellow' are now allowed to enter Norway.

If you live in a ‘yellow' region, you can travel to Norway. However, you must have been in the yellow area for at least 10 days prior to travel.

Hikers view of fjord in Norway
Norway's hiking trails will once again be populated mostly by Norwegians this summer.

Residents of ‘red' regions cannot enter Norway unless one of the exemptions apply to you. Exemptions include family members of residents and some foreign employees. However, many of those who can enter the country are required to undergo quarantine, unless you are fully-vaccinated.

Rules for non-European countries

Tourism from non-European countries is not yet permitted. To gain entry to Norway, one of the items of the exception list must apply to you.

This includes being a Norwegian citizen or resident of Norway, visiting a close family relative, and some jobs including working offshore. The full list of exceptions can be found at the Norwegian Directorate of Immigration.

Norway travel restrictions FAQ

As I said before, I can't address individual circumstances on this page, especially as there are so many exceptions to the rules. However, some key information follows.

Do I need a negative test to enter Norway?

A negative test certificate taken within 24 hours of departure must be presented by all travellers arriving from ‘red' countries. The government now requires those travelling from ‘red' areas to undergo an antigen rapid test or PCR test at the border.

What is a quarantine hotel?

If you are permitted to enter Norway but travelling from an area with a high infection rate, you will probably need to stay in a quarantine hotel. This isn't optional – authorities at the border will take you directly the hotel.

A colourful guest room at the Thon Hotel Alta

The quarantine hotels are typically located close to airports. Travellers must pay a subsidised fee of NOK 500 per day for the accommodation and meals. You are not permitted to leave the floor, nor have guests.

The quarantine period is 10 days but can be shortened to seven days upon a negative test result.

From 3pm on 11 June, people who are fully-vaccinated or have had the disease within the last six months are exempt. However, a negative test result must be provided within two days of arrival for this to apply.

When will things change?

I don't know.

Where can I get the official guidelines?

Great question! As I already said before, I cannot guarantee the timelines of the information on this page. So, you should definitely check the official guidelines.

Unfortunately, unlike some other countries, Norway has kept its coronavirus information distributed across the various government ministries and directorates, so finding a precise answer can be tricky. Here's where you can find the details:

Regjeringen.no: The official government webpages on the pandemic

FHI: The Norwegian Institute of Public Health maintains the colour-coded map of country-based restrictions. It's also home to the official statistics.

UDI: The Norwegian Directorate of Immigration details the specific entry requirements and exceptions in full.

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