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One of Trondheim's Michelin star restaurants Credo has announced a surprise move to Norway's capital city. Here's the story behind the move.

Led by owner and chef Heidi Bjerkan, Credo is set to launch a new dining and cultural concept together with the National Library in Oslo.

The National Library in Oslo. Photo: Credo.
The National Library in Oslo will soon host restaurant Credo. Photo: Credo.

The move marks a significant evolution for Credo, emphasising the importance of conveying knowledge and celebrating Norwegian culinary culture, traditions, and history.

The move means that Credo, a feature on the Trondheim food scene for 25 years and widely regarded as one of Norway's best restaurants, will leave Trondheim. Bjerkan said there are no immediate plans to maintain a presence in the city.

The New Credo Concept

Sometime in the summer to fall of 2024, the new Credo will open as a new dining concept at the National Library building on Solli plass in Oslo. According to the restaurant's press release, the move is about more than a simple relocation.

“With the relocation of Credo and collaboration with the National Library, we see an opportunity to reach a broad audience with knowledge about Norwegian food culture and sustainability,” says Credo's founder and owner, Heidi Bjerkan.

“Knowledge is our greatest wealth, and knowledge dissemination will be an integral part of the dining services. Food is one of the most important means of bringing people together. We aim to be part of a destination and a meeting place where everyone can feel at home,” says Bjerkan.

In addition to the new restaurant, Credo will manage the cafe facilities at the National Library.

A Sustainable Food Story

Throughout its 25 years, Credo has built a stellar reputation in the world of sustainable food. The team finally picked up a Michelin star in 2019 and the first ‘green star' ever awarded by the Michelin Guide.

Sustainable food in Norway
Carl Erik Østlund and Heidi Bjerkan. Photo: David Nikel.

At the time, the Michelin Guide praised Credo for its sustainable land use practices:

“Its on-site 300-square-meter farm grows many vegetables, micro-greens and fruit on soil that is enriched by compost made from food waste. A minimal amount of pesticides are used as ducks waddle around to prey on slugs. A considerable amount of produce, meat, milk and sour cream are sourced from two other farms—Fannremsgården and Skjølberg Søndre—both in the Trøndelag region.”

Bjerkan joined the Life in Norway Show back in 2019 to talk about the awards and what it's like working with sustainable food in Norway. If you're intrigued about Credo's backstory, it's a must-listen.

A Blow For Trondheim

Credo's decision to move to the capital will surely come as a major blow to city bosses, who have spent vast amounts of time and money trying to position Trondheim as a food capital.

In 2022, Trondheim and the Trøndelag region was named the ‘European Region of Gastronomy' in recognition of these efforts. “The cod, salmon, crab and langoustines from this area, especially from the islands of Hitra and Frøya, are shipped around the globe and served at the best restaurants in the world,” said Visit Norway.

The Britannia Hotel in Trondheim, Norway
The Britannia Hotel in Trondheim is home to one of the city's Michelin star restaurants, Speilsalen.

Bjerkan acknowledges the sentimental aspect of the move but stresses the importance and potential of the new project.

“There are so many opportunities in life, so you never know what you might end up doing. But I think everyone understands that when an opportunity like this comes along, it is natural to make the choice,” she said.

Kirsten Schultz of Visit Trondheim said she was “very, very surprised” by the news, while former county mayor Tore O. Sandvik, who has also taken a new job in Oslo, said the move is “a pity for us in Trondheim and Trøndelag, but good for the Norwegian food adventure.”

Trondheim will be left with Fagn and Speilsalen, the latter hosted within the Britannia Hotel, as Michelin star restaurants. In the latest Michelin Guide, Oslo has 11 Michelin star restaurants, and Stavanger has three.

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