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Scandic is one of three hotels within walking distance of Bergen Airport. Here’s what to expect if you’re staying there.

I recently took a whirlwind trip to Bergen and due to my early morning departure, I wanted to stay as close to the airport as possible. All three were pricey, so I chose the Scandic because of my familiarity with the brand.

Scandic Hotel Bergen Airport exterior.
Striking exterior of Scandic Hotel Bergen Airport.

I’ve stayed at Scandic hotels in Oslo, Drammen, Hamar, and Sarpsborg before, all of which I’ve reviewed here on Life in Norway. So, how did Scandic Flesland Airport measure up?

Introducing Scandic Flesland Airport

Scandic Flesland Airport hotel is a 10-minute walk from the main entrance of Bergen Airport. It’s a bit further than the other two airport hotels, and I wouldn’t want to do the walk in the rain.

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Thankfully, the weather was atypical for Bergen and I was able to stroll down to the hotel in glorious sunshine. It’s signposted from the terminal, but in any case, just turn right and follow the path. You’ll see the striking exterior before too long.

Path to Scandic Hotel from Bergen Airport Flesland.
Path to Scandic Hotel from Bergen Airport Flesland.

First things first, this Scandic hotel is very much geared up for conferences and events. Altogether, there are 300 guest rooms, including 30 accessible rooms.

There was also a large Spanish-speaking tour group staying, which reminded me of my less than enjoyable experience at Scandic Helsfyr in Oslo last year.

However, the staff and facilities at this hotel seemed much better suited to large groups, and so the hotel didn’t feel at all overwhelmed.


I actually arrived 45 minutes before the designated check-in open time of 3pm. As I was on a tight schedule I’d hoped to be able to check-in early but had forgotten to ask ahead. Thankfully, this was granted with no issues at all.

Lobby of Bergen airport hotel.
Lobby lounge.

The lobby was spacious and instantly gave the impression of a business hotel. As with other Scandic hotels, there is a small shop to the side of reception with snacks, drinks, and essentials for sale. Coffee is available for free for guests.

Guest room

My second floor room felt instantly familiar with its Scandic features such as the clothing rail and tall mirror, but there was one unexpected difference: a large terrace.

Guest room at Scandic Airport Hotel in Bergen, Norway.
Guest room at Scandic Airport Hotel in Bergen, Norway.

I immediately headed outside and while it was nice to have access to fresh air, especially on a sunny day, the view wasn’t particularly attractive.

Also in the room was a small desk with two EU power outlets. There was another power outlet either side of the bed and another one by the storage units. You won’t run short of power here, but a USB outlet would’ve been useful.

Guest room terrace at Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel.
Guest room terrace at Scandic Flesland Airport Hotel.

The bathroom was small but with a large, powerful shower that I enjoyed. Seperate, refillable bottles of shampoo, conditioner, shower gel, and liquid soap were available.

Other facilities in the room included an iron and ironing board, and a small, empty fridge. There was a small kettle, although free coffee is also available from reception.

Hotel room TV and desk.
Hotel room TV and desk.

One point of frustration was the lighting controls. A modern control system was fine during the daytime, despite the tiny writing, but at night it was impossible to know what button to press.

Inevitably, this led to light flooding the room when you’d only intended to turn on the dimmest bathroom light, for example. Give me a regular switch all day long!

Bathroom in guest room.
Bathroom in guest room.

On the positive side, I slept really well in the very comfortable bed. For me, this is the most important thing when travelling, so full marks here.


I always look forward to a Scandic breakfast, but this time I had to leave by 7am and the full breakfast service started at that time.

Scandic breakfast buffet.
Scandic breakfast buffet.

There was a ‘light breakfast’ advetised from 4am-7am, so I assumed I’d have to settle for basics. But the spread was great.

Hot food was also available, although the ability to have eggs etc cooked to order didn’t start until 7am.

Breakfast buffet at Scandic Flesland Airport.
Breakfast buffet at Scandic Flesland Airport.

Still, this was more than enough for me to grab a quick yet enjoyable breakfast, and a coffee (in a takeaway cup – other hotels take note!)

Around the Hotel

I spent the previous evening out in Bergen, so I didn’t take advantage of the hotel restaurant. It has limited opening hours (6.30pm-10pm most evenings) so this may or may not suit you.

There are a couple of interesting outdoor spaces in the hotel. On the second floor, there is an outdoor terrace next to the fitness centre, and a large rooftop terrace with seating with access from the fifth floor.

Rooftop terrace at Scandic Bergen Airport Hotel.
Rooftop terrace.

I took a quick look at the fitness centre and it was small, but probably about the right size for such a hotel.


So, how did the Scandic Flesland Airport stack up? First and foremost, I was able to check-in early, I slept well, and was able to enjoy a quick breakfast before departure, so there’s lots of plus points.

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However, I had to pay approximately NOK 2,000 for the one-night stay, which is way above average for an airport hotel in Norway.

All the airport hotels were expensive on this particular night, so I assume there was high demand. I could’ve stayed in central Bergen, but that would’ve involved a much earlier start.

If you can get this hotel for a reasonable price, it’s a good option to stay close to the airport.

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