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The Life in Norway website, weekly newsletter, and podcast are all made possible by the generous support of the following people.

Lukas Koerdt
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Thor Aleksander Buan
Katherine Barnett
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Thanks to all of you. You're awesome!

Will you join them?

For six years we have been telling the stories of Norway to the world. We aim to help anyone who wants to live and work in Norway, by lifting the lid on what it's really like to live and work here.

We write blog posts about life in Norway, run a growing Facebook page and Instagram account, answer countless emails, and curate the Norwegian news into a thriving Twitter feed and weekly email newsletter. Because that wasn't enough, we've gone and launched a podcast too. Needless to say, this takes a vast amount of time, and costs an ever-increasing amount of money.

Many of you have asked for a way to support the Life in Norway project. Well, now there is one! From just $2 per month (about 16 kroner), you can show your appreciation on Patreon, a crowdfunding platform for creatives like us.

Support the show: Support the Life in Norway Show from just $2 per month

Help us do more!

We want to do so much more with the Life in Norway project. The more money we raise, the more new projects we'll be able to fund, including:

  • Paying more regular contributors to get a more diverse view about life in Norway
  • Producing books about life in Norway (supporters will get the first look!)
  • Expanding the podcast
  • Video interviews
  • Training courses and seminars

Supporter benefits

First and foremost, don't worry: we are not putting up a paywall. Supporting Life in Norway is entirely voluntary. But those who choose to become a member on the Patreon platform will receive some additional benefits. Depending on how much you can afford, these benefits include:

  • Postcard: Once or twice per year, I'll send a personalised hand-written thank you postcard to the most generous supporters from somewhere in Norway.
  • Books: Early access to all future Life in Norway eBooks and complimentary or discounted copies of everything we produce.
  • Exclusive Q&A Podcast: Exclusive access to a monthly podcast on which I'll answer questions from Life in Norway members about all aspects of living in Norway.
  • Exclusive Members-Only Blog: The latest musings from the Life in Norway editor, with the odd video thrown in too.
  • Public Thanks: You'll get your name listed on the Life in Norway website, unless you don't want to of course!
Support the show: Support the Life in Norway Show from just $2 per month

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