A Postcard from Rome

Tiny toy cars, mopeds, cyclists, speeding locals, bumbling tourists, chatter, horns, scorching 32C heat – welcome to summertime in Roma, Italia. Rome was delightful, it really was, but just too busy for me. On Saturday we travelled...

Heads up America, I’m coming!

I'm thrilled to announce that this October I'll be visiting the heartland of the Norwegian-American community… Minnesota. Gerry is in town for a conference so I'm taking the opportunity to join him and visit somewhere I'd otherwise...
Swedish flag

A Weekend in Stockholm

Having lived in the Norwegian capital for almost two years now, the time had come to cross over to the dark side and check out Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. Some old friends from England were...
Kungsgatan Hotel

Rica Hotel Kungsgatan, Stockholm

I've had good experiences with the Rica chain in Norway, so when the chance came to stay in one of their hotels across the border I jumped at it. There are four Rica hotels dotted around...
Helsinki, Finland

A Winter Weekend In Helsinki

Most Norwegians choose to warm up in the winter by flying south and chasing the sun. Although I flew to Tenerife in November, when the real winter sets in I seem to want to get even...
iittala in green

A Postcard from Helsinki – Drowning in Design

A photographic exploration of Helsinki's achingly hip design district.
Los Cristianos, Tenerife

Winter Sun – Escaping the Darkness

Last year I made the horrendous mistake of staying in Norway throughout the cold, dark winter, while all the Norwegians flew south for at least a week of sun. Not this time. As soon as the...
The skyscape of Gothenburg, Sweden

A Postcard From Gothenburg

A postcard written from a recent arrival to the city of Oslo from a trip across the border. First impressions of Gothenburg, Sweden! Dear Oslo, Wish you were here! Gerry and I enjoyed our short hop...