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Lofoten 4k video

A stunning video of Norway's dramatic Lofoten islands shot in 4K quality.

Earlier this year, the Los Angeles-based filmmaker Raphael Rogers had the chance to travel to Norway's awesome Lofoten Islands, located well inside the Arctic circle.

Armed with just a DJI Phantom 3 drone, he captured over six hours of real-time 4K footage that proves, if further proof was even needed, just how spectacular the Lofoten Islands really are.

Arctic Norway HD video

After his trip, he cut down the six hours of footage to create this incredible three-minute film. Come take a trip with Raphael over dramatic peaks, incredible beaches, rocky coastline, waterfalls, sheltered bays, fishing villages and open sea, with his movie Norway: Into the Arctic:

Watch the movie:

I asked him for a few words on his experience:

“Lofoten is literally the most beautiful place I've ever been. At each bend in the road we had to stop. Each shot was more beautiful than the last. The reward of climbing hand over hand up a steep mountain face only to be able to capture your death-defying friend standing on the edge of a 1500 foot cliff is something that I'll remember forever.”

“As for the drone, I flew that thing to its limits. The batteries were often too cold to fly, but I launched anyway in order to get the shot. I flew to its max altitude, extending it to be able to fly through clouds and above mountain peaks.”

“At times the drone was over a mile away and signal would cut in and out but the shots captured made it entirely worth it. And for the record, the drone survived every flight in the arctic cold, even through blizzards.”

Photos by Lila Baghzouz and Kristin Gerhart

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Originally from the UK, David now lives in Trondheim and was the original founder of Life in Norway back in 2011. He now works as a professional writer on all things Scandinavia.

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4 thoughts on “Watch! The Lofoten Islands in 4K”

  1. Pictures are really nice, no doubt about that, and hence good commercials.
    But…. the photographer stated to have flown the drone as high as possible etc. Did he have permissions for this??? Drone regulations are very clear, max 150m away, max 125m high. These limits are clearly not held.
    If permissions were not given, it is very unfornutaly to display somewhat criminal activity like this, just to have those special images. And it only inspires more people to perform non-legal activities to have the same kind of imagery….

  2. I have been to Lofoten and Reine …the weather was bad the day arrived and big storm was rolling in…that was 25 years ago.
    Had booked my trip to be there in may this year but COVID 19 put an end to that.
    My fear is my age and health will prevent me going back by the time they have COVID 19 anti virus injection available.


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