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Hallo Norge podcast interview

Podcast episode 17: A look at the challenges in adjusting to life in Norway with the Egyptian host of the Hallo Norge podcast.

This episode I'm joined by Mariam Kirollos, host of the Norwegian language Hallo Norge podcast that introduces Norway to new arrivals.

Mariam moved to Norway with her Norwegian husband and works for Save the Children Norway in addition to her work on the podcast.

Mariam Kirollos from the Hallo Norge podcast

Some of the topics we cover on the show include:

    • What the differences are between life in Egypt and Scandinavia
    • What the podcast is about and how it came to be
    • Her favourite interviews from the show
    • How Mariam was able to quickly pick up the Norwegian language
    • How she was able to find a job in Oslo
    • If there is an Egyptian expat community in Norway
    • What Norwegians ask Mariam about Egypt
    • Mariam's tips for things to do in Oslo

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Hallo Norge!

Mariam's podcast covers the basics of Norwegian society – politics, economics, history, food, and more – in the Norwegian language.

Even though it's in Norwegian the podcast is aimed at newcomers to the country. Most guests speak slowly and clearly, so it's a great place to pick up some language learning practice.

Links to things mentioned in the show:

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Egyptian Miriam Kirollos moved to Norway with her husband and now presents the Hallo Norge podcast for fellow new arrivals. Hear her interview in English on the Life in Norway Show Episode 17.

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