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Watch this remarkable video of the man they call “The Viking” attempting to cross the Skagerrak Strait on a paddle board.

Meet Casper “The Viking” Steinfath. Three-time ISA SUP World Champion, a leading force on the APP World Tour and among Europe’s stoutest paddlers, Steinfath is quickly becoming one of the world's most famous Danes.

Crossing the Skagerrak

Last month, he took on a challenge he had dreamed out his entire life: To make the 130km crossing from Denmark to Norway on a stand-up paddle board.

The Skagerrak is a strait running between the southeast coast of Norway, the southwest coast of Sweden, and the Jutland peninsula of Denmark. It connects the North Sea and the Kattegat sea area, which leads to the Baltic Sea.

Despite freezing temperatures, darkness, wind and strong currents, Steinfath almost made it. He came within 12km of the Norwegian coastline, and something tells us he'll be trying it again soon. Watch the incredible story, courtesy of Red Bull Media:

The son of an American father and a Danish mother, Steinfath travelled the world when he was young, quickly discovering beaches and a love of the water.

But it was when the family moved to Klitmøller in northern Denmark that Steinfath's passion for stand-up paddle boarding (SUP) really started to develop.

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