David on the mountain

Freelancing in Norway

Becoming self-employed in Norway is a popular choice for expats, especially the partners of oil industry workers or citizens of EEA countries for whom residency is a relatively simple process. I've been working for myself for two years...
Coworking in Stavanger Norway

Coworking Space Opens in Stavanger

Mess & Order, a co-working space in Stavanger opened on September 15 joining MESH in Oslo and DIGS in Trondheim as well as other co-working spaces around Norway. Mess & Order is an entrepreneurial work space,...
DIGS logo

Introducing DIGS, Trondheim’s co-working space

A little over one year ago I quit my job, moved to Trondheim, and set up shop as a freelancer. Aside from how I would pay my bills and put bread on the table, my biggest...