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Although the eye-catching centre of Ålesund is compact, some of the city's attractions are farther afield. Here's how to get around Ålesund using the local bus.

Ålesund’s public transport system exemplifies efficiency and accessibility, seamlessly connecting the city’s stunning Art Nouveau architecture with the majestic natural landscapes of Western Norway.

Waterfront view of Ålesund in the winter. Photo: David Nikel.
Waterfront view of Ålesund in the winter. Photo: David Nikel.

As a crucial element of sustainable urban planning, the public transport network in Ålesund offers residents and visitors alike a reliable and eco-friendly way to explore this picturesque coastal city.

From buses to ferries, the system is designed to enhance the travel experience while minimising environmental impact.

A Quick Introduction to Ålesund

A popular travel destination in the Norwegian fjords region, Ålesund stands out for its unique Art Nouveau architecture, a result of rebuilding after a devastating fire in 1904.

This picturesque city, spread across several islands, offers stunning views of the surrounding Sunnmøre Alps and the North Sea. Ålesund is not just a gateway to the iconic Geirangerfjord but also a hub of maritime activity.

Its commitment to sustainable living is reflected in its efficient public transport system, making it easy for residents and tourists alike to explore its scenic beauty and cultural heritage. But first, let's look at how best to get there.

How to Travel to Ålesund

For most international visitors, the journey to Ålesund will begin in Oslo, Norway's capital and international gateway. From Oslo, the easiest way to reach Ålesund is by air, but there are other options.

Travel by Plane: Both SAS and Norwegian operate several daily flights from Oslo to Ålesund, bridging the distance with a quick aerial hop.

SAS shuttle at Ålesund Airport. Photo: David Nikel.
SAS shuttle at Ålesund Airport. Photo: David Nikel.

Upon landing at Ålesund Airport, located 10.5 miles from the city centre, travellers can take a convenient bus into the city centre. The shuttle covers the distance in about 25 minutes, with one-way fares starting at NOK 119.

Ålesund Airport is also served by Widerøe from Bergen and Trondheim, and by KLM from Amsterdam. Given KLM's vast long-haul network, this route is useful for people planning a trip from far away.

Travel by Train: While Ålesund is not connected by the national rail network, it remains accessible by train thanks to a public bus service that connects to Åndalsnes station, 100 km (62 miles) to the east.

Passengers arrive in Åndalsnes following a scenic train journey on the Rauma Line from Dombås, where connections are available from Oslo and Trondheim.

Travel by Ferry: For those interested in exploring the dramatic landscapes of the Norwegian coastline, traveling from Bergen or Trondheim along the Norwegian Coastal Route offers a spectacular alternative.

This route is famed for its breathtaking views and allows travellers to experience the rugged beauty of Norway’s coast before arriving in the charm-filled streets of Ålesund.

Getting around in Ålesund

The city is pedestrian-friendly although its shape and the waterway cutting the city in two means walking between two points can sometimes take longer than you expect. There are also a few attractions such as the aquarium that are farther away.

Bus stop in central Ålesund. Photo: David Nikel.
Bus stop in central Ålesund. Photo: David Nikel.

Local buses in Ålesund are operated by FRAM. The website has a full English translation, and it is the best place to gain the latest information and to plan your journeys.

That being said, for your convenience we've provided an overview of routes, timetables, and fares here.

Popular Bus Routes in Ålesund

There are a couple of principal bus routes in Ålesund. Here are the most useful lines for tourists:

Ålesund Aquarium: To reach the family-friendly Ålesund Aquarium, take bus number 1 from the central area to Tuenesvegen. From there, it's a 15-minute walk.

Sukkertoppen Hike: One of the best-known hikes in Ålesund is the walk up Sukkertoppen. Bus 1 also serves the trailhead, although you'll need to stay on the bus a bit longer to Hessa skole.

Sunnmøre museum: One of the region's premier museums is served by many buses from the downtown area. The museum has its own bus stop.

How to Use Public Transport in Ålesund

Although it's possible to pay for a ticket with a debit/credit card on local buses and express boats in Ålesund, it's more expensive to do so.

For this reason and convenience, it's best to buy your tickets in advance. The easiest way to do this is to use the FRAM app, available in the Apple AppStore and Google Play.

Once you've bought and activated the ticket in the app, you need to scan the ticket (QR code) as you enter the bus or board the boat.

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