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The Downsides of Living in Norway

In a previous blog, I wrote about 9 upsides of my first year in Norway. While it’s been a great experience, Norway isn’t all sunshine and roses. In fact, sometimes it seems like there’s hardly any … [Read More...]

Everyday Life in Arctic Norway

Vanessa is a 25 year old German who decided to move to the Arctic in 2014. She now lives in Tromsø and has also travelled to Iceland and Greenland. She is fascinated by the High North, and shares her … [Read More...]

Happy Birthday SAS: 70 Years Young

Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) celebrates its 70th birthday this year.  A few years ago, few people thought the airline would make it to this milestone. In the face of stiff price competition … [Read More...]

Weather Records Smashed in July

Weather in Scandinavia is never something that's easy to predict, but July has been a more confusing month than most. Sunshine in the Arctic The Arctic archipelago Svalbard enjoyed its warmest ever … [Read More...]

Norway’s Slow TV Goes Global

One of the most curious things about watching TV in Norway is the popularity of 'slow TV'. The simple concept is the total opposite of the instant gratification style of reality TV. Producers pick a … [Read More...]

The Oslo to Ski Railway Project

By 2021, the journey time from the town of Ski in Oslo's commuter belt into the city centre will be halved to just 11 minutes. The Follo line is Norway's largest transport project in recent history … [Read More...]