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Norwegian Food

An Introduction to Norwegian Nosh

I am British and have a passion for eating, drinking and exploring the cuisine of other cultures.  So, when my Norwegian partner offered me the chance to visit her homeland, I was very excited to pack British tea bags (my travel essential) and … Read More...



Sunrise Lake Mjøsa

Life in Norway in 2015

Godt Nyttår / Happy New Year! Thanks to all of you who read and shared my Life in Norway Review of the Year. Although I'm trying to stay away from … Read More...


remote control

The Best Norwegian TV Adverts: Take 2!

One of the most popular articles in the history of Life in Norway was my 2013 look at the best Norwegian TV adverts. Last time I claimed watching the adverts was a great way of picking up the language. Not so anymore! So many adverts are in … Read More...

Snow in Norway

Norway Best-Placed to Deal with Climate Change

Norway is better-placed to deal with climate change than any other country in the world, according to the Notre Dame Global Adaption Index. Norway isn't the least vulnerable (4th, behind Australia, Canada and the UK) or the most "ready" (5th, … Read More...

Norwegian koselig

A Visual Guide to Koselig

Koselig is the Norwegian schadenfreude. Not in meaning, of course. In fact taking joy from someone else's misfortune is about as un-Norwegian as it gets. But in terms of a word that just doesn't translate into English, koselig hits the … Read More...