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Alt for Norge

The Great Norwegian Adventure

As I write this, I'm sitting on the sofa watching the latest episode in the 5th series of Alt for Norge, an award-winning reality TV show on TV Norge. This is something I've been meaning to write … [Read More...]

Norway T-Shirts

Limited Edition T-Shirt

The Life in Norway team is proud to present our exclusive T-Shirt available to order for the next 10 days only! Order now Whenever friends & family visit me and want to buy a souvenir, the … [Read More...]

Morning snow in Trondheim

The Five Seasons of Norway

"Ugh, it's nasty out there", I spluttered as I returned from Bunnpris on Friday night. I'd been to grab some groceries for the weekend as the weather forecast looked bleak. Dark clouds, wind, rain, … [Read More...]


How to play chess like a Viking

During a Scandinavian summer there's a chance you'll stumble across a family or a group of friends throwing wooden blocks at each other in open parkland. At least, that's what it looks like at … [Read More...]


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Trondheim Cathedral, Norway

What to do with One Day in Trondheim

My fellow writer Whitney recently published a really popular guide for cruise ship visitors to Stavanger, which inspired me to write the same post all about my adopted home of Trondheim. While we … [Read More...]

Munkholmen Trondheim

Visiting Munkholmen

To round off a lovely week in Trondheim for Steve & Georgia, the four of us took to the high seas for the day! There's two options for boat trips from outside the Ravnkloa fish market. One tour … [Read More...]

A cruise ship in Stavanger, Norway

What to do with One Day in Stavanger

Every summer, Stavanger is inundated with tourists from all over the globe. The upturn in tourism over the last few years has been driven by boatload after boatload of tourists who have arrived in … [Read More...]

Hell, Norway

Welcome to Hell

It's a source of great amusement to non-Norwegians (me included!) that there's a teeny village named Hell right next to Trondheim Airport Værnes. So close in fact, that when checking in on Facebook at … [Read More...]

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