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Vemork hydroelectric plant

Another UNESCO World Heritage Award for Norway

The Rjukan/Notodden Industrial Heritage Site has been awarded UNESCO World Heritage status. The site includes hydroelectric power plants powered by the powerful natural waterfalls of the area, along with the transmission lines, factories, transport systems and towns. Altogether the site Read More

People watching out over Pipervika from Aker Brygge, Oslo

Summer Living in Norway

It sure was a treat to be in Trondheim this weekend. On both Saturday and Sunday I took a long walk around the city, which is always lovely and friendly when the sun shines. On Saturday evening we took a trip up the hill to Steinan for a grill party thrown by our friends Ruud and Gøril, and spent Read More

Deichmanske Bibliotek

The Future Norwegian Library

I am a self-confessed book worm. Always have been. In fact, as a child I had a bigger library of books than I do now. I want to say that because of this love of books I have always found libraries to be wonderful, magical places but, to be honest, I remember just being overwhelmed by all the books Read More

Three Lions Trondheim

Adrian Douglas – Three Lions English Pub

Peterborough native Adrian Douglas (Dougie) runs the Three Lions pub in Trondheim. With only a few hundred Brits calling Trondheim their home, the pub has to do far more than just cater to expats. Despite positioning itself as a football pub, the Three Lions draws a variety of patrons. "Our Read More

Volunteering in Norway

Volunteering is to Norway as Dancing is to Latin America

I remember my first year in Stavanger back in 2010. I was really wondering how it worked getting to meet people and getting work references for my job search. My husband and some other friends of him suggested that I contact Maijazz to get some experience and do some volunteering. I have to admit Read More

Oslo logo

The Dreaded Job Hunt

I made a pact with myself in my mid twenties: learn something new every year. The idea was to challenge myself, to push me out of my comfort zone and to maintain the sense of thrill in my life. Over the years I have accomplished some big things like: learning to downhill ski, running a marathon, Read More


What Exactly Is Janteloven?

Once you've lived in Norway for a while, you'll come across more and more everyday references to janteloven as a reason for Norwegian society being the way it is. Janteloven (the law of Jante) at its simplest describes the way that all Norwegians (and in fact, other Scandinavians too) should Read More


Finnmark – The Last Gasp of Winter

I recently spent an extended Easter weekend visiting my girlfriend’s family in Finnmark, a county in the extreme north-eastern part of Norway. Before going, I only really knew two things about the place – it was a long way away from home (a whole days travelling from London was scheduled) and, as Read More