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Trondheim Bymarka

Free, Air, Life

Of all the many things there is to learn when you are new to a country expressions that don't quite translate are by far my favourite. Friluftsliv – literally free, air, life. "Erm, how do you say that in English?" This was introduced to me quite early on in my Norwegian indoctrination Read More

Copenhagen Denmark

Kay Xander Mellish – How To Live In Denmark

Here in Scandinavia we are all one big happy family! I've visited Denmark a few times, specifically Copenhagen and Esbjerg, but I've often wondered what it's like to live in what is commonly believed to be the happiest country in the world. To find out, I reached out to Kay Xander Read More

Social Cooking

Cook and Socialise in Stavanger

Whether you are an expat looking for ways to expand your social circles or a local wanting an activity that includes trying something new, Socialcooking.no is the concept for you. This is a new option for socialising that was launched on the 19th of January in the Stavanger region and has been a Read More

American Football in Norway

Discovering American Football in Norway

Before we dive into this, hands-up, my knowledge of American football is limited at best. I watch the Super Bowl most years, but I'm more interested in the occasion than the game itself. As a ten year old the game briefly gripped me as the now-defunct London Monarchs beat the Barcelona Dragons to Read More


Hammerfest – A Richer Tale

Despite being situated 70° north, a visitor to Hammerfest will soon discover a surprisingly rich history and culture alongside its famous stunning scenery. Northern lights aside, amongst other attractions, the town boasts a polar bear club (surely unique) and polar bear guards (more about these Read More

Linda Duevel

Linda Duevel – International School of Stavanger

This summer, Dr. Len and Dr. Linda Duevel retire after a collective 82 years of service to the International School of Stavanger. The school describes itself as a "crossroads of diversity" with nearly 700 students representing some 50 nationalities. Dr. Linda Duevel was named the International Read More

Jobs in Trondheim

How I Found a Job in Trondheim

When I arrived in Trondheim four months ago, I knew that it would be difficult to find work, but I had no idea how difficult. I hit many failures initially but I quickly learned what works, what doesn’t, and how to maximize time and effort to get interviews. First, a few hard facts: Trondheim Read More

Stavanger food

Eat and Meet in Stavanger

Are you looking for ways to meet new people in Stavanger and its region? Or are you interested in tasting different flavours, tired of going out to the same restaurants all the time or looking for a more personal experience when dining? EatinCommon is a concept of social dining available in the Read More