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With a central location and generous breakfast, there’s a lot to like about the Radisson Blu Tromsø. Here’s our complete hotel review.

Tromsø is somewhere I have loved to visit ever since my first journey north back in 2013. In fact, I’ve lost count of the amount of times I have visited this hub of Arctic activity in northern Norway.

View from Radisson Blu hotel in Tromsø.
View from the 8th floor of the Radisson Blu hotel in Tromsø.

From winter trips to hunt the aurora or ride a husky-pulled sled, to experiencing long, evening hikes under the midnight sun of the summer, there are things to do in Tromsø for everyone, all year round.

I’ve stayed in several different accommodations over the years including an apartment hotel, a budget hotel and a Scandic. If you are deciding where to stay in Tromsø, there are options at all price points.

Introducing the Radisson Blu Tromsø

However, the place I’ve stayed most often is the Radisson Blu Tromsø. Radisson is my preferred chain in Norway but it’s the location that seals the deal for me.

The entrance to the Radisson is directly opposite the Scandic Ishavshotel. This is where the Airport Express bus stops, and from where many northern lights tours and other organised trips depart.

Entrance to Radisson Blu Hotel Tromsø.

From the waterfront—and from any waterfront-facing room—you’ll have a terrifdic view of the water, Tromsø bridge, Arctic Cathedral and the mountain and cable car.


I arrived at the hotel at around 8pm and reception was quiet, enabling me to check-in immediately. Radisson hotels do offer online check-in, but in my experience completing this process makes very little difference to the check-in process at the hotel.

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Nevertheless, the check-in process was quick and I was given a room in my preferred location: high up and away from the lifts.

The room

My first impression of the room was striking because of the view. As the curtains were pulled back, the large windows allowed light and the view to fill the room. Those large windows do have their downsides, though.

Radisson Blu Tromsø waterfront hotel room.
A striking view from the waterfront rooms.

On this trip, temperatures soared to the high 20s, so the room heated up during the daytime. While I did open the windows, that just let in the 24-hour seagull noise. Also, because of the size of the windows, the blackout curtains were only partly effective and the room was far from pitch black at night.

This is part of life in the Arctic Norway summer, of course! I always travel with an eye mask and ear plugs during the summer, and I'd advise anyone to do the same when travelling in Northern Norway during the summer.

Work desk and TV in the Tromsø hotel room.

On the plus side, the bed and pillows were comfortable, the air conditioning worked well and I slept well. There was a good-sized deck and chair, and an easy chair which was ideal for watching the TV.


A breakfast buffet was included in my rate, but it's not always included, so be sure to check your booking.

Breakfast room at Radisson Blu Tromsø.
Breakfast room at Radisson Blu Tromsø.

On Saturday and Sunday breakfast starts at 7.30am and continues to 11am. It's quite a late start for an early riser like me, so I took an early morning walk along the waterfront before going to eat. On weekdays, breakfast starts at 6.30am.

Breakfast buffet at Radisson Blu Tromsø.

Breakfast was the typical Scandinavian breakfast buffet and almost identical to most other Radisson Blu hotels I've stayed in. Advantages as always include a lot of different types of fresh bread and a good range of hot dishes, including fried, hard-boiled, and soft-boiled eggs.

Fried eggs at Radisson Blu Tromsø breakfast buffet.

I don't know how busy the hotel was, but the breakfast room didn't feel crowded at any point. That being said, I did always go relatively early in the serving period.

Other facilities at the hotel

While the breakfast room seems perfectly setup to operate as a restaurant in the evenings, it is only used at breakfast. Perhaps it's used for conferences or other private events.

However, there are two neighbouring buildings that are associated with the Radisson Blu. There was a menu in the room for the pizza restaurant Yonas, while the neighbouring pub Rorbua is also associated with the hotel.

Rorbua pub in Tromsø.

Rorbua has a long history in Tromsø and is great for a drink, especially in the outdoor seating on a summer evening. While I didn't eat in the pizza restaurant on this trip, I have eaten there before and it is definitely an above average pizza experience for Norway.

On the 10th floor of the hotel, there is a small fitness room and sauna available for guest use.

How much does it cost?

The Radisson Blu Tromsø offers a wide range of room types. Both standard and premium rooms are available with a sea view or a city view.

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Rooms tend to start from between NOK 1,250 and NOK 1,500 per night, but the rate will depend on room type, location, availability and time of year.

If budget is a concern but you want the reassurance of booking with a major hotel chain, check to see if there are any of the so-called cozy small rooms available. These are excellent value if you're travelling alone or for couples without much luggage.

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