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Hotel review: The Scandic Seilet Hotel on the waterfront on Molde, Norway.

Hotels often advertise a sea view, but I don't think I've ever seen a better example than the Rica Seilet in Molde (update: now called Scandic Seilet).

This was the view from my room's balcony, with a gorgeous view of Molde's watery surroundings on not one, but two sides:

View from Rica Seilet Hotel
View from Rica Seilet Hotel
View of Molde

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The reason for this terrific view is the hotel's position, built further out into the water than its surroundings. The striking modern design (seilet means “the sail” in Norwegian) reflects both its position and Molde's links to the maritime industry.

The ten or so deluxe rooms have these balconies, which you'll notice run down the edge of the “sail” as you look at the hotel. But again thanks to its clever design, the majority of rooms come with a great view across the water.

Sail design hotel

Of course, there's far more to a hotel than just the views. Thankfully, the Rica Seilet lives up to expectations.

The Room

We were given a one-bedroom suite, with an extra bed setup in the living area for my travelling companion. He reported two good night sleeps, so no problems there! Both the living area and bedroom had doors off to the balcony. Through the door to the main bedroom there was an en-suite bathroom with a jacuzzi-bath, and an additional WC. It would make more sense for the additional WC to be available from the main living area, but that's just a minor point.

The living area was comfortable and unlike many hotel rooms was a great place to spend time. Together with the spacious balcony, we utilised the living area for much of the weekend, especially on the Sunday when most of Molde's town centre and attractions were closed. The TV came with Viasat Fotball, which helped!

Living area
Living area
Balcony of Rica Seilet
Extra bed
Master bedroom

The Sky Bar

If you stay in a standard room, you can still enjoy the hotel's unique views by heading to the Sky Bar on the 15th floor. We spent a few hours up there on Saturday. It gradually filled up with guests and locals, seemingly it ‘s “the place to be” in Molde on a Saturday night!


The breakfast room is spacious and offers the same great views across the fjord, albeit from a lower level. The selection is wider than some hotels, with a good range of hot food and some nice touches such as freshly-made smoothie shots and a chef making omelettes and waffles to order.

Breakfast room
Breakfast at Rica Seilet Hotel
Smoothie shots at Breakfast

Other Facilities

The sky bar is closed on Sundays, but there's a foyer bar which stays open. This enabled us to grab a consolation beer after the disastrous football match without havng to mix with the joyous Molde fans! The hotel also has a small gym and sauna, both (of course!) with sea views. Guests enjoy discount admission to the adjacent swimming pool and spa centre. I took a quick peek at the gym:

Hotel gym
Hotel gym
Sea view sauna

Overall I was impressed with the Rica Seilet Hotel. I didn't expect to find such a good quality of detail and service in a town like Molde – this is a hotel that belongs in Copenhagen or Helsinki. They could get away with less and people would still stay here due to its striking design, so that speaks volumes for the way the hotel is run. If you have reason to visit Molde or want a base to explore the Møre og Romsdal region, I highly recommend staying here.

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(Disclaimer: our stay at the Rica Seilet was complimentary, however all our reviews on Life in Norway are free of any influence from the hotel itself)

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    • I totally agree Jay. I forgot to mention the hotel has a big conference facility and hosted a major event during the weekend, it must have done wonders for bringing in conferences and visitors to the town.

  1. Sailed into harbor at Molde last June and saw The Sail Hotel, struck with the unusual shape until learning the name. I would love to have a stay in the hotel and hopefully one day that will happen.. Also, walked into town and saw a florist shop that was most intriguing, not only a shop but plantings in front and have been trying to learn the name of it so I could write to express my appreciation for its beauty.

    Hope to visit Norway.again on the Hurtigruten!.


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