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Bergen is one of Norway's most photogenic cities. Please enjoy this beautiful photography from Norway's gateway to the fjords.

For international tourists visiting Norway, Bergen is often top of the wish list. With history and nature in equal measure, that's no surprise at all.

Bergen in the Fall. Photo: David Nikel.
Bergen in the autumn light. Photo: David Nikel.

The city allows easy access to the fjords, whether it's a road trip along the Hardangerfjord shoreline or a train/boat trip to the Flåm railway and the Nærøyfjord.

And of course, there's the Bergen line to Oslo, one of the world's most famous railways. A ride on this line is a must-do whenever you visit Norway.

Whether you're living in Bergen, hoping to move there one day, or just planning a visit, here's some great images from around the city for you to enjoy. Sit back with a coffee and transport yourself to beautiful Bergen!


I often run out of ways to describe the UNESCO World Heritage site of Bryggen.

The colourful Bryggen wharf in Bergen, Norway

On the one hand it's a tourist trap, full of overpriced shops and crowded beyond belief when a couple of cruise ships are in dock.

The alleyways of Bryggen in Bergen, Norway.
The alleyways of Bryggen in Bergen, Norway. Photo: David Nikel.

But it's also an incredibly important part of Norwegian history, beautifully restored and worthy of exploration. Just try to find a quiet time, like in these photos!

Start planning how you'll spend your time here with our ultimate guide to Bryggen.

Fish Market

The bustling centre of activity during the daytime, Bergen's Fish Market presents the catch of the day.

Norway by night: Bergen Fish Market

Take it home to cook, or enjoy al fresco at one of the dining tables dotted around the edge of the stalls. The indoor section contains higher-end restaurants and a bar.

Hiking in Bergen

One of the best things about the city is its natural setting and access to nature. Surrounded by seven mountains, city dwellers can be on the hiking trails in a matter of minutes.

Bergen city expansion

From the city centre, the Fløibanen funicular railway whisks you up to the top of Mount Fløyen in no time at all.

Løvstakken Bergen

From Mount Fløyen, hiking trails weave their way around the forests atop Bergen. Read more about hiking in Bergen including several recommended walks for both beginners and the more serious.

Bergen Art Museum

Bergen’s vast art museum KODE is spread over several buildings near the city lake, including this recently renovated grand structure.

KODE Art Museum behind Byparken in Bergen, Norway. Photo: David Nikel.
KODE Art Museum behind Byparken in Bergen, Norway. Photo: David Nikel.

International modern art from the likes of Diego Rivera and Joan Miró sit alongside selected works from Pablo Picasso.

An entire wing of one building is devoted to Norwegian painter Nikolai Astrup, while landscapes from J.C. Dahl feature prominently in the Rasmus Meyer collection. Read more about Bergen Art Museum.

Fantoft Stave Church

Hidden out in a leafy suburb south of Bergen, Fantoft Church was originally built in the fjord country in the 12th-Century.

Stave Church in Fantoft

It was moved to Fantoft, then some distance from Bergen, in 1883 to prevent its destruction.

Fantoft is today well-connected to the city centre so the church can be visited by light rail or bus, but bear in mind there is a steep walk from Paradis station. Find out more.

Bergen Cathedral

The steps of Bergen Cathedral act as a meeting point for Bergen locals and a help to visitors navigating the city centre.

Entrance to Bergen Cathedral

Inside is a spacious but fairly ordinary place of worship, so you won’t be missing much if you don’t venture inside.

Still, it's an impressive exterior all the same. Don’t miss the cannonball wedged in the outer wall, a constant reminder of historic battles.

Edvard Grieg

The world-famous composer and pianist continues to influence music in Norway to this day, and his influence on Bergen is clear for all to see.

Statue of Edvard Grieg

His country estate Troldhaugen is now one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. If you think you haven't heard his music, you're probably wrong! Find out more about Edvard Grieg.

New Bergen Airport

After three years of construction work, the new-look Bergen Airport Flesland is now open. At long last!

The revamped Bergen Airport

The brand new terminal raises the capacity to upwards of 10 million passengers per year, and replaces the awful old terminal that was cramped and dark.

There's also an extension of the light rail to whisk arriving passengers into the city centre for a great value price. If you're planning to visit anytime soon, check out our Bergen travel guide.

Maritime hotspot

Bergen has a proud history of maritime industry, so much so that it's still to this day known as the industrial shipping capital of Norway.

Old ship in Bergen harbour

Although times have changed since the trading ships of the Hanseatic League dominated the harbours, the influence of that era remains.

Today, Bergen is a global power within maritime technology and research. The city is a popular stop for cruise ships, and is also the starting point for passengers taking the 12-day coastal voyage to Kirkenes and back.

What are your favourite photo spots in Bergen? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. My mother grew up in Norway and I visited her hometown and Bergen in 2016 and took the public train into the mountains to then pick up the Flammsbana train to Flamm to take a day cruise back to Bergen. It was definitely a highlight of my time in Norway. I look forward to returning and spending more time exploring Bergen.

    Thanks for the article and photos!

  2. Bergen was the birthplace of my father in 1893 and so it was always my desire to visit the town where he was born and as he died before I was six, we never talked about his home. The first place I visited in Norway was Bergen and have returned many, many times since. Your pictures depict all the places of the city and each one has a beauty of its own. And interestingly I’d like to take another trip to visit all the sites, snapping pictures over again but looking new again.
    It is a city one will never forget and the people are as beautiful as the city.

  3. I spent one month there studying Norwegian and I really like this lovely town full of live 🇳🇴 Takk for your article 🇫🇷


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