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The Lofoten islands are remote with few major urban areas, so planning your transport in advance is a must.

Getting there

The Lofoten islands are remote and far north of the Arctic circle, so travelling here is not as straightforward as one would hope.

Small airports in Svolvær and Leknes are served by Widerøe flights from Bodø, but most Oslo-bound flights leave from Evenes Airport (also known as Harstad/Narvik), which is a considerable distance east of Svolvær.

Two ferries leave Bodø daily for the islands, one express passenger service to Svolvær and one car ferry to Moskenes. This is a good option for budget travellers as Bodø can be reached by train from Oslo, albeit after an extremely lengthy journey via Trondheim.

Getting around

Although tours by bus and boat are thoroughly enjoyable ways to experience Lofoten, hiring a car is strongly recommended to get the most out of your stay with a road trip.

Explore Lofoten by bus

This way, you can explore at your own pace and investigate any side road, beach, fishing village or other attraction that grabs your interest.

Cars of all shapes and sizes can be hired in Bodø, Narvik, Svolvær, Leknes and Moskenes, although you should always book in advance especially during the peak summer season as some of the smaller agencies are frequently sold out.

One road, the E10 highway, cuts through Lofoten from Svolvær all the way to Å. However, exploring the side roads off the E10 is a must.

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