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These beautiful archive photographs shed light on Norwegian weddings in the fjord region more than 100 years ago.

Regular readers will know we love nothing more than digging into the archives to bring you historic photos.

Outdoors wedding photo in western Norway

There's nothing like looking through this historic photography to get a real feel for what life was like in Norway around the time of the mass emigration to the USA.

Previously we've looked at photos from the Nordfjord and remarkable souvenir lantern slides, both from the 1900s. This time we're staying in the same time period but focusing on weddings in the Sogn og Fjordane region.


Historic wedding photography from Sogn og Fjordane

Once again we're digging to the generous archives of the Vestland county archive to bring you this selection of photographs.

Norwegian church wedding from the 1900s

The black-and-white images focus on wedding celebrations from throughout Sogn og Fjordane. Now part of Vestland following Norway's recent regional reorganisation, Sogn og Fjordane county is one of the county's most picturesque areas.

A wedding party in rural Norway

The county has long been an important area for fishing and agriculture, and today has significant aluminium and hydropower industry. It contains two of Norway's World Heritage sites: the stunning Nærøyfjord and Urnes stave church.

A wedding couple in historic fjord Norway

An interesting element to some of these photos is the inclusion of musical instruments. One man is carrying a cello, another holds a smaller violin, while another large group shot features a drummer at the front.

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Norwegian wedding party with a giant flag of Norway

Another curious feature of some (not all!) of these photographs is a lack of smiles. Perhaps it's the formality of the photos or the tradition of the time? Or perhaps it's due to the time it takes to set up some of these shots. Photography was a very different technology more than 100 years ago!

A historic wedding party outside a house in Fjord Norway

Today, any two Norwegian citizens and/or residents of Norway of either gender are able to get married in Norway. Same-sex marriage became legal in Norway in 2009 following the passing of a gender-neutral marriage bill.

Husband and wife in fjord Norway

Are you looking to host a traditional wedding? Some people go so far as to create a whole Viking wedding theme!

A 1900s wedding in Sogn og Fjordane county in western Norway

Anyway, that's enough of my commentary. I'll leave you to browse the remaining photos. Enjoy!

Historic wedding photograph from western Norway
A newly married couple in western Norway in 1900
Norwegian wedding photo with horse
A Norwegian group photograph from the 1900s
Old Norwegian wedding dinner in fjord Norway
A historic photograph of a wedding group in fjord Norway
A historic Norway group photo featuring a drummer

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  1. Tusen takk for mange, mange interessante artikler! Jeg er norsk, men bor i Texas og jeg nyter å lese om Norge og norskt.

  2. Thank you for posting these beautiful photos. My great grandparents were married in the Tønsberg Cathedral and after 8 years migrated to New Zealand with their family. Very proud to be a KiwiNorwegian.


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